Paul Philp, PhD

Dr. Philp is an instructor and researcher whose research interests include Petroleum, Environmental and Forensic geochemistry with the emphasis on molecular and isotopic characterization of oils, gases, rock extracts and contaminants for the purposes of source determination, characterization of depositional environments, maturity, biodegradation and for correlation purposes.

He has been a Professor of Petroleum Geochemistry at the University of Oklahoma since 1987, and in addition has presented papers at a number of International meetings. He has taught a number of Petroleum and Environmental Geochemistry courses in the following countries and to the following companies: Yacimentos Petroleo Fiscales, Buenos Aires, Argentina; China at invitation of Academia Sinica to lecture at various institutes and universities; Japanese National Oil Company in Tokyo; Petrobras, Brazil; New Zealand Geological Survey on petroleum geochemistry; INTEVP - Caracas, Venezuela; Taiwanese National Oil Company, Taipei; Tanzanian Petroleum Development Corporation, Dar-es-Salem, Tanzania; Peruvian National Oil Company; ARAMCO, Saudi Arabia; Ecopetrol Colombia; Petronas Malaysia; Indonesian Petroleum Association; Shengli oil field China; Petrovietnam, Hanoi and HoChiMinh City; Sonatrach, Algeria.


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