James Workman

James has over 20 years of successful CEO and leadership experience in the education, business, and consulting fields. The majority of his time has been spent in the non-profit sector. His career has been distributed between various international and stateside locations. The international experiences were in challenging locations including Eastern Europe, South-East Asia, and Western Africa. As a CEO internationally, James used a wide variety of skill sets to address difficult and unpredictable environments, and created an extensive international network across many continents. James' passion is for developing people, organizations, and businesses. His formal education includes a BA in History and Education and a MA in Educational Leadership from Pacific Lutheran University. His Ph.D. work (Candidate in Philosophy achieved Univ. of WA) was in the area of Business Administration, Advanced Leadership Sequence, and Technology Integration. James holds three professional certificates as a Teacher, Principal, and Superintendent. Additionally, he spent six years in a leadership capacity of Project Leadership in the State of Washington. James' combination of experience and passion for developing people serves him well in leading and developing organizations.

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