Dr. Root Routledge

Dr. Routledge is president of Alpine Analytics, located in Durango, Colorado. He has a PhD in Industrial Engineering, an MBA, an MS in Statistics (with emphasis in ecology, environmental science & natural resource management), and a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Root has over 30 years of scientific, engineering, business and management experience in industry and government. He was on the industrial engineering faculty at Oregon State University.


Prior to obtaining his PhD at the age of 45, he worked for 20 years in such leading organizations as Hewlett-Packard, Weyerhaeuser and the US Forest Service in a variety of functions including R&D, manufacturing, quality assurance and supplier quality management, materials and logistics, long-range planning, environmental research and natural resource management. Dr Root founded Alpine Analytics in 1991 and has been an industrial consultant and trainer for the past 10 years.

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