Dr. Deb Gaynor

Dr. Gaynor, founder and principal of Phoenix Chemistry Services, has more than 20 years of analytical chemistry and environmental management and consulting experience. For eleven years she worked closely with the USEPA through the Contract Laboratory Program (CLP). She has extensive experience in the development and performance of analyses of environmental samples, including solid and liquid matrices and biota on GC and GC/MS systems, while ensuring compliance with quality assurance programs. She has managed the GC/MS section of a large environmental laboratory, and has worked as the Quality Assurance Officer of a microbiology laboratory. Dr. Gaynor has provided software training for chromatographic instrumentation in laboratories serving the needs of environmental, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and clinical industries. She has also developed and taught in-house courses for laboratory personnel on chromatography and quality assurance. At Phoenix Chemistry Services, she has built a consulting company providing data validation and quality assurance services to engineering companies performing hazardous site investigation and remediation services as well as long-term monitoring for all environmental contaminants in solids, liquids, air, sediment, and biota.


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