Curtis Hinman

Curtis Hinman is a Senior Stormwater Scientist based in Bellingham, Washington. Mr. Hinman has led academic programs and managed a diverse portfolio of projects ranging from bioretention media research, green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) design and statewide and national LID training programs. His most current research focused on developing high-performance plant-soil systems for stormwater filtration. Prior to managing media filter research and LID education programs at Herrera Environmental Consultants, Curtis was faculty with Washington State University (WSU) Extension and Department of Biological Systems Engineering. As the University’s Green Stormwater Infrastructure Specialist he co-designed and was lead scientist for the WSU Low Impact Development (LID) Research Program which is one of the largest LID research facilities in the U.S. Mr. Hinman is the author of the “Low Impact Development Technical Guidance Manual for Puget Sound” and the “Rain Garden Handbook for Western Washington”. Curtis also serves on several American Society of Civil Engineers committees developing national guidelines for green infrastructure and bioretention systems. Mr. Hinman earned a B.S. degree in Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning (specializing lake ecology and water resource management) from University of California Davis. He holds a Masters of Science degree with a concentration in stream ecology and watershed management from the Yale University.


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