Sustainable Fun at Pine Lake Middle School

Thanks to Heidi Bohall for inviting the EOS Alliance Sustainability Team to give a presentation to the thoughtful and engaged student members of the Pine Lake Middle School Earth Service Corps!  The topic of the day was water and fishery conservation, but there was plenty of time for fun and games in between presentations on depleted salmon stock and non-sustainable fishing practices.

Salmon Go Fish

Sustainability Coordinators Tom Bippart, Tim Flynn, and Sam Gault started things out with a couple classic ice-breakers: the tried-and-true "What are you excited for this weekend?" and a rousing game of "Zip-Zap-Zop."


First, conversation centered on salmon species in the Pacific Northwest.  Then it was time to test out EOS Alliance's custom-made Salmon Go Fish cards, before the EOS coordinators engaged the students in a discussion of the pros and cons of hatcheries, fish farms, and trawling.  We finished up the day with a game of Jeopardy to review the information we covered that day, and then sent each student home with a BPA-free water bottle.  The spirited and mutually educational dialogue between students and presenters meant that time ran out before every point came up, so the EOS Coordinators cannot wait to return.

EOS talks salmon with the Youth Earth Service Corps

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