Murals at the Arboretum

After our scrub-down of the greenhouse in January, a few blank walls were begging for color. I returned to the Washington Arboretum in February and March to paint two murals. The greenhouse is gearing up for use as an environmental education classroom and work area this spring and summer. Education Coordinator Patrick Mulligan took time to help with brainstorming and set-up while getting ready for Garden Guide training.


The first mural (pictured above) is in the East Wing, which serves as a classroom for school trips and summer camps. The lily diagram is meant to be able to be used to point out the parts of a flower.

The second mural (partially pictured above) is located in the West Wing. This room is used for indoor space to start seeds and shelter and transplant seedlings.

Lacey and I also returned a third time to add a neutral base-coat to the low brick wall surrounding the East Wing classroom. Local students will volunteer their time to paint this space during an upcoming weekend. We can't wait to see how it turns out!


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