Issaquah Middle School

Today was an exciting day for the EOS Alliance Americorps team! In order to encourage and increase sustainable environmental stewardship, the Americorps team worked at Issaquah Middle School, helping their after school Green Team create an organic garden. Today we participated in phase one of the project. We removed 8 large shrubs from an area in the back of the school, where 3 future vegetable beds will be constructed. EOS coordinated this event with the help of Heidi Bohall of the local YMCA and Green Team chairperson and teacher, Olga Haider.

Issaquah Middle School is a member of the Washington Green Schools program. The program’s focus is to promote sustainability by engaging students in variety of environmental projects. In turn, these environmental projects help schools accrue points needed for the goal of becoming a certified Green School. Issaquah Middle School, which currently sits as a level 2 school, will be able to reach level 3 of 6 with the installation of their new organic garden.

The EOS Americorps team looks to continue helping the Issaquah Middle School’s Green Team.


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