The EOS Team Returns to Pine Lake Middle School

 Tom, Tim, and Sam visited the Pine Lake Middle School Youth Earth Service Corps for the second time to conclude the discussion on water conservation they began last time. The mood was giddy all around as the Sustainability Coordinators greeted their environmentally-minded friends, but it was soon time to get down to business. The meeting started off with an ice breaker called the Name Dance. Each person in the circle had to pair their name with a dance move--a task at which the Corps members were very successful, since several students managed to recall every single name and dance move at the end. A little winded and a little better acquainted, everyone tromped back into the classroom for a serious discussion of hydrogen dioxide.

After a thorough overview of the water cycle, it was time for some hands-on experience in the everyday doings of a water molecule.  Earth Service Corps members rolled dice at stations representing the different phases of the water cycle (such as cloud, ocean, and plant) to see which station they went to next.  A few people got stuck in glaciers, but for the most part the exercise served to illustrate how every drop of water is recycled over and over again.

Finally, it was time for brainstorming ways to conserve water.  The Service Corps members had some great ideas, and took home a few new ones, as well as faucet aerators and low-flow shower heads, compliments of EOS Alliance.
Youth Earth Service Corps


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