Columbia City Climate Co-op

On Wednesday, November 17th Columbia City residents and neighbors came together once again to further discuss the potential programs and services a Columbia City Climate Co-op could offer. At the Co-op’s first meeting, which took place October 20th, participants discussed ways to work together to reduce their carbon impact and save money. These ideas were then analyzed by Jessica Raker from NW Seed who gave a presentation at the Co-op’s second meeting discussing the effectiveness of each strategy.

After Jessica’ s presentation, the meeting broke into small discussion groups wherein each individual ranked which programs and services they were most interested in seeing come out of the Columbia City Climate Co-op. Each group contributed to a “ballot” and each individual ranked their top picks. Over the holidays, Jessica will further analyze the likely success of the group’s top picks.

At the Co-ops next meeting, January 12th or 19th, we’ll continue to narrow down which services and programs will work best, save the most money, and be most beneficial to Columbia City residents. If you live in or around Columbia City please join us!


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