Throwback Thursday!


Have you heard of #TBT? In social media land, it means "Throwback Thursday". If you're on Facebook or twitter,  you'll often see friends posting teenage pictures of themselves with the hashtag "#TBT". Since training organizations don't technically have teen years to look back on, we had to find a different way to join in on the fun.


So this Thursday, (March 6, 2014), we got into the TBT spirit, and lowered the after discount prices on almost all of our courses scheduled after April 1, 2014 to the level they were in 2012! Did we actually REDUCE prices? We did! But if you go to our course listing page and look closely, you may wonder which prices we're referring to.



There are a lot of prices on there, right? I mean, $645/$595, $545/$495? Which price is the 2012 price? It is the "after discounts" price of $495 that is the 2012 price. I'll help clear this up: The price you see first ($645) is the full price of the course. The price in bold next to it ($595) is the price if you are an employee of a government agency or non-profit organization, a student, tribal member, or member of one of our partner organizations such as NEBC or LSRPA. The prices below that are the EARLY BIRD prices. And yes, we are offering a $100 discount for registering during the Early Bird period! That Early Bird price, with all of those discounts, was the same Early Bird price in 2012. So technically, we could say that we've returned our prices to the discounted prices from 2012. (Our CESCL, and CESCL Recertification courses had already been lowered to 2012 amounts, so these didn't change.)


You've probably figured out that the reason we did this is to encourage people to register for courses EARLY. That's true. We do want people to register as early as possible, because at 30 days before the class date, we need to decide if there is enough interest to run the course. If there are only a few people registered, we may cancel the course for low enrollment, thinking there's not much interest. But what often happens, about a week or two after we cancel, several people email or call us, wondering what happened, saying they were planning on enrolling. We don't like disappointing people, and we want to run all of our courses if people are interested in them, so we're offering a substantial early bird discount in the hopes that more people will get those registrations in early.


So, please take a look at our course listing page often, and try to register as early as you can for courses that you're interested in. And also in the spirit of Throwback Thursday, see James, Ralph and Christa in our younger days. Don't judge. I'm sure you've got a few choice pictures of you with your High School Mullet or Neon-Day Glo t-shirt...

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