Stretching your Training Dollars in a Challenging Economy

If you’re at all like me, you’re probably tired of hearing differing opinions about how the economy has, or has not, bounced back in recent months. Depending on who you talk to, things are looking up, or we’re about to fall off of a cliff. The truth is, even the smartest, most informed and most influential people can only guess at what will happen next.So, since things may be getting better, or they may not, how do we plan? How do we keep an eye on the bottom line, but create opportunities for career development and allocate dwindling resources to training? We’ve been thinking a lot about that in recent months here at NWETC, and we do have a few ideas that might help our attendees and their organizations stretch their budgets further, and still have the opportunity to take advantage of high quality, topical, up-to-date training. Here are a few suggestions that we have, and we welcome additional suggestions if you have them. We appreciate comments, so if you have thoughts, share them in the comments section.

We hope that these suggestions get the wheels turning, and help you make the most of the money you have in your budgets. See you in class!   

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