Get Linked!

LinkedIn is the world's premier professional networking site. Are you on it? I bet you are. I am. Have a look! Are you back? Good! But now back to business.


NWETC is on there too. Have you been to our page? We list many of our top courses there, and as time goes on, we plan to release some more content that is interesting and relevant: Papers from instructors, information about the challenges facing Environmental Professionals, and more. Take a minute and see what we've posted so far. I'll wait. And while you're there, please click "Follow" at the top of the page. That way, from now on when you log in to LinkedIn, you'll see our latest posts. And not just that: if you follow us and enroll in a class between now and September 6, 2013, you'll get an additional 15% off on top of any discount that you are already entitled to (Student, Non Profit organization, Government agency, Member of NAEP, or Native American Tribe member or employee.)


To get the discount code, just log in to LinkedIn, go to our page (Here's a third link to it. That's not excessive, is it?), Click the "Follow" Button, and let us know that you followed us either in the comments of this post (make sure your email address is in your LinkedIn profile, so we can contact you with the code), or by emailing us at with the subject line "LinkedIn Code". We'll reply with the code, and our special thanks!

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